Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Research- How Humans localise sound

Have been researching into the history of stereo a lot more thoroughly since handing in my project proposal. Been reading some very interesting books including Stereo Microphone Techniques & Spatial Audio which will come in handy. I also listened to a BBC Archive Hour program on Blumlein, the man who effectively invented stereo recording in the 1930s and it was fascinating, the man was literally a genius.

Today has involved me writing up my notes into the first section of the research looking at how humans localise sound. Basically it is the combined result of the different levels at each ear and the time delay between sound reaching each ear, obviously a little bit more complicated than that but it gives you the gist of it.

Had a meeting with my supervisor today as well which went well, just making sure that the direction of my research is correct and ensuring that I reference things correctly and often.

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