Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Progress Report

It's been a while since I've last posted, which isn't to say I haven't been doing work, I just had a lot of other deadlines just before Christmas pushing my dissertation onto the back burner. Now that 2011 is here I've spent the last week putting together my progress report detailing to my tutor exactly what progress I have made, where I'm behind and how my time plan is being adjusted to make up the difference.

Most of the research into microphone techniques is now complete, so I can now move onto researching some methods of reproducing stereo images- over headphones, speaker systems etc. and the processing that goes on to create a coherent image. I will also be investigating the artificial creation of stereo recordings through pan pots, delays and assorted plugins.

This Thursday afternoon will be the first of my experiments into the researched techniques. I will be setting up several techniques simultaneously and then recording sound sources at various points throughout the field, varying the angles of the microphones and the distance from them to gauge the effect this has on the image.
The microphones and techniques I will be investigating are:

Polar Pattern(s)
Co-incident Pair: Blumlien
Figure of 8
AKG C414 x2
Co-incident Pair: XY
90° hypercardioid 
AKG C1000s x2
Co-incident Pair: XY
180° cardioid
AKG C451 x2
Co-incident Pair: Mid-Side
Figure of 8
AKG C414
Neumann TLM103
Near co-incident Pair: ORTF
AKG C414 x2
Near co-incient Pair: NOS
Matched pair Rode NT1A
Spaced Pair
Audix TR40 x2

Soundman in ear mics
Surround Sound

Holophone H3-D

I will post some pictures and perhaps a few samples soon.

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