Thursday, 10 March 2011

Final Recordings

Been very busy since my last post, I will write up in more depth at some point but so far I've conducted one or two more tests in a slightly larger studio which illustrate the stereo effects much more clearly which is good.

Spaced Omni Pair, ORTF and Mid Side Techniques
Last night I completed the first of my final recordings with a local clarinet quartet who were fantastic. I had a few technical problems with only one of the Pro-Tools interfaces seeming to work, so I wasn't able to have spot mics as well as my stereo arrays but the recordings from the arrays sound great. The C414s were clear and quiet while there was a bit of noise from the C451b's. I have, once again, fallen in love with the Blumlein technique, it gives a really clear image which is balanced and tonally pleasing :-)

I will be completing one more recording, with a string quartet, next Wednesday before I conduct listening tests with a small group of people to find out which techniques people prefer on playback.

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