Sunday, 10 April 2011


So there are 22 days left until hand-in, a quick update on my progress.
All of my tracks have now been mastered (using K-20 as a reference point, leaving plenty of dynamic range), normalised to make use of all of the available bits when transferred to the 16 bit CD and noise reduction applied to clean up anything left in there from the noisy pre-amps.

The report itself is going well, I have a rough 1st draft pretty much finished. Once I get feedback from my tutor I suspect there will be plenty of redrafting as well as neatening up all the rough edges that are still present- references missing, diagrams that need scanning, audio samples embedded etc.  To get it all done in time I will be spending most days in the library, which has been pretty conducive to a good work ethos so far.

Hopefully I will be finished well before the deadline of the 3rd leaving me time to print and bind well in advance of the queues but no matter what happens, It will be handed in by that date then all I will have left is 1 exam, GradEx and my dissertation presentation and that is it for my university education. Scary, and exciting.

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